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Kujira Animal Knife  - Sperm Whale
Kujira Animal Knife  - Sperm Whale
Kujira Animal Knife  - Sperm Whale


Kujira Animal Knife - Sperm Whale

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This knife gains its namesake from the largest mammals of the sea - whales, or kujira in Japanese. The Kujira Knife has a wonderful origin story that begins with blacksmith, Toru Yamashita. Inspired to create a knife that is at once functional and safe for a child to use for a simple task like sharpening a pencil, Mr. Yamashita forged the tip of the knife in a rounded shape. With a large head and thinner handle, the knife resembled a Sperm whale, and thus the first knife from the Kujira Knife collection was born. They can also be used as utility knives or, as we like to use them, for chopping mint during cocktail preparations.

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Size: W3.8cm×H0.3cm×L17cm


Design: Toru Yamashita
Made in Japan


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